3 Steps to Repair Garage Door Springs Home Depot

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Garage Door Springs Home Depot
Garage Door Springs Home Depot

Garage door secures your garage and offers aesthetic element to the façade of your house. Considering the important role it plays, maintaining its perfect condition is one of the biggest responsibilities of every homeowner. Unlike other doors at your home, garage door uses a rather complicated mechanism. It consists of mechanical components that perform complex operation. One of the most important mechanical components of a garage door is its springs. If you wonder how you can lift your big and heavy garage door easily, that’s because the door has springs that counteract the gravity force. If the springs break, you can imagine the trouble that you have to face when dealing with the door. Here are five easy tips to fix your garage door springs and to replace them if necessary.

Understand the type of springs your garage door uses.    

There are two types of a springs that garage door springs home depot uses: torsion and extension. Torsion springs are installed on the top of    the door to balance the opening and closing force of the door. If you need the same amount of pressure to close and to  open the door, your garage door mostly uses torsion springs. Extension springs can be installed either on the top or the  sides of the door. Extension springs assist in door operation by pulling the door upward and counteracting the force of  gravity.


Find out whether your garage door springs need repairing.          

There are some known symptoms of garage door springs’ failure. If you suddenly hear a loud noise from nowhere, it might come from your 400-pound garage door that falls to the ground due to the breaking of its springs. If you see significant amount of corrosion on your springs, you may need to replace them. Garage door springs may also malfunction because of age. Normally, garage door springs can withstand wear and tear for approximately 7 to 9 years, but if the door also functions as a front door, they can bear abuse only for about 4 to 6 years. Torsion springs also need rebalancing every 2 years. The best way to determine whether your garage door springs need repairing is by having a professional inspect it. If you see certain anomaly on the springs, you can call a professional to inspect the springs and other components of the door.


Should you do the repair yourself or call a professional?

If your garage door springs do need repairing, it is advisable that you rely on a professional. You may be able to do simple garage door springs maintenance jobs, such as spraying oil on the springs to maintain their resilience, without assistance, but you definitely need to avoid doing more technical tasks yourself. The danger associated with repairing or replacing garage door springs is so serious that you might be injured or even killed if you cannot do such tasks properly. By calling garage door springs home depot service, you can have your garage door springs repaired without risking your life or spending too much money.

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