4 Things to Consider When Buying 10X10 Garage Door

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10X10 Garage Door
10X10 Garage Door

A 10X10 garage door is a perfect choice for a tall garage, house or warehouse. The most common height for a garage door is 7 feet. There is also a 8-foot garage door that is suitable for a garage that stores taller vehicles. A 10X10 garage door is considered a custom-height door that you can use if you store tall vehicles and machineries in your garage or warehouse. This tall garage door also offers an excellent solution for commercial activities that involve the use of medium-sized commercial trucks. If you require this kind of door to be installed on your garage, here are four important things that you should take into consideration.

10×10 Garage Door Type

There are several types of garage door that you can buy. Each uses a certain mechanism that can be either beneficial or disadvantageous for you. Roller door costs the least money and space because of its simple mechanism and construction and relatively cheap material. There is also sectional garage door, which saves space like a roller door does, but appears more elegant with its accordion-like mechanism. Bulkier models, such as swing and hung door and up and over door, are securer and more difficult to breach and disassemble, but they require much space due to their opening and closing mechanism.

Garage Door Design

Design is an important matter as it determines the door’s look, which is important considering its role as a decorative element for your house’s façade, and strength. In terms of look, you have almost unlimited choices when it comes to choosing the most visually appealing design for your 10X10 garage door. You can opt for sleek and modern door panel or go retro by choosing classic door. Various materials, including metal, fiberglass and wood, are usable for designing garage door. You can pick your preferred material based on its cost, strength, durability, and look.

Safety and Security

Considering the bulky and heavy design of garage door, safety obviously becomes a major concern. A remote control device can be a great safety solution if you don’t want to ever touch the dangerous door. Garage door springs also guarantee the safety of the door, so make sure that they are properly installed and regularly inspected. Garage is a place where you store some of your most precious possessions, so make sure that its door can perfectly secure it. An up and over garage door is often considered the most secure door due to its weight and mechanism. Installing alarm and surveillance system around your garage also enhances its security level.

Garage Door Insulation

Just like the other doors in your house, garage door separates the interior part of your house from the exterior. The insulation becomes a concern because the garage door is big and problem with insulation may give rise to energy efficiency problems and ultimate financial problem. Two types of insulation material are available: polystyrene and polyurethane. Although polystyrene insulation is usually thicker, polyurethane insulation has a higher R value, so the latter is better for insulating your garage.

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