Home Repair: Fixing Garage Door Rails

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Garage Door Rails
Garage Door Rails

Garage door rails and tracks cannot be separated because they make the garage door runs smoothly. If something happens to them then the door will have some trouble. One the tracks are out of the adjustment then it could make the door works not properly. The worst case is the door can go out from the track. Actually, you can call the repairmen to do this job but it will be better if you know the fault in your garage door in the first place.

Basically, there are two steps that will help you to adjust the track of garage door, such as:

  • Aligning the track with the doors. It makes the roller works properly.
  • Adjusting the track and makes the doors align with weather stripping.

How garage door rails work

If you want to know how the rails of garage door work then you have to see the rollers of garage door at the first. The rollers have the shape like long shaft that can slide into the hinge. The rollers will be sliding back and forth right in the hinge. It means that you do not need to have the rails perfectly aligned. The rollers would slide to follow the rails or track.

The problems would arise when the rails are too close. It makes the hinge binds against the hinges. The other problem is when the rails are too far. It is going to make the rollers pulling out of the hinges. The ideal place for the garage door rails is ½ feet so the shaft will be still visible.

Replacing the garage door rail

Garage door rail is made of metal and it is really possible to get rusted over time. It is important to clean them of even replacing it in order to keep your garage door in good condition. The rails assembly comes in two items that are bolted into one. Each door will have to items and the other two items with curved shade will be placed on one end.

Before removing the rails of garage door, you may put something against the door so it will hold the door in the place. Besides, make sure that you already unhook the opener of garage door. It is not good when you are replacing the rail but someone opens the door.

Close the door firs and then you are good to substitute the overhead section of the rail. The rail that has bad section should be unbolted first and then put the new one to replace it. After that you can install the new bold on the same spot of the old ones.

To remove the rail, you should remove the bolts first and then turn the rollers off. The next step is turning the new rail to the place and put the bolts stay back in the place they should be. You have to make sure that the doors are well snugged to the weather stripping. And you already replaced the garage door rails.

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