Ways to Measure Garage Door Torsion Spring

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Ways to Measure Garage Door Torsion Spring
Garage Door Torsion Spring

Garage Door Torsion Spring Kit can be found easily nowadays but there is a great challenge which people have to conquer first. If they want to replace the current torsion spring of the garage door, they have to be able to measure it first. They will be able to find the torsion spring kit which is suitable the most to their garage door. It is crucial information which people should provide to find the best torsion spring kit for their garage door. If people are asking about the way for measuring the torsion spring of the garage door, here are some things which must be done.

Spring Length Measuring

The very first thing which people have to do is determining the length of the unwound spring. People might think that they have to unwind the spring first to be able for measuring its length. They can just measure the spring length as long as the torsion spring is unwound and unbroken. For this purpose, they only need to make the measurement from the first coil which can be found on one spring end to the last coil which can be found on the other spring end. However, the cones should not be included in the measurement although the coils which can be found on the cone must be measured.

Wire Size Determining

Now, it is also necessary for determining the wire size. It is the wire thickness which is used for making the spring. People should not rely on the micrometers as well as calipers for measuring the torsion spring wire. To make sure that the wire size can be measured accurately is by measuring 10 and also 20 coils.

Inside Diameter Determining

To make the right measurement of the torsion spring for the garage door so people can find the right kit, the next thing which should be done is by determining the inside diameter of the torsion spring. It sounds like very difficult thing to do because the spring is located on the shaft. In this circumstance, it will be better for people to find the markings located on the winding as well as stationery cones. To do this, they have to prepare the flash light. But if there is no marking which can be found, the inside diameter can be measured by using calipers or ruler to the closest 1/16 inch.

Spring Wind Determining

People will find the most difficult part of measuring the torsion spring since they have to determine the spring wind. They have to do this very carefully for ensuring that they are able to make the right measurement. Identifying the wind of the spring can be done with some methods after all.

Clopay and Ideal EZ Set Springs Measuring

Last but not least, people have to measure the E-Z set spring and this can be the most challenging thing to do because they will find the gaps between the coils. The ends of the springs must be pressed together for measuring the broken spring length. After making the proper research, they are able to get the right Garage Door Torsion Spring Kit.

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