5 Things to Mind When Buying Xtreme Garage Door Opener

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Xtreme Garage Door Opener
Xtreme Garage Door Opener

A garage door opener offers convenience, safety and security to you, your car and your house. This component is often considered one of the most essential components of a garage door. It provides the best solution when you arrive at home in your vehicle under a heavy rain and you need to open your garage door. With only a press of a button, you can have the door opened conveniently if you have an opener installed on your garage door. Considering the essential role a garage door opener plays, you definitely need to know how to choose the right opener for your garage door. Here are 5 important things in mind if you want to buy a new opener for your garage.

DIY or hire a pro

Garage door opener installation is a professional job, so it would be better if you hire a pro instead of installing the opener yourself. There are complicated door operating mechanism and high safety risk that you have to deal with. A professional is trained to cope with them, so hire one. Although a professional installer will do the installation job, it is you who have to pick the type of opener that you want to install.


High-quality garage door opener is mostly the branded one, so you need to pick an opener manufacturer by a well-known company. Buying Xtreme garage door opener can be a safe decision as the company is known for its high-quality products and lifetime industry-standard warranty.

Opener type

There are four known types of garage door opener: the noiseless belt-drive system, the cheap chain-drive system, the strong and easy-to-maintain screw-drive system, and the compact computer-controlled drive system. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Study them and you should be able to pick the best opener type for your garage door.


The motor generates power to pull the heavy door panel. To choose the right opener with the right motor, you need to take the type and size of your door into consideration. If you have a large or double door installed on your garage, you need an opener that generates at least ½ horsepower. A motor with higher horsepower is a preferred choice because it is more durable than that with smaller horsepower. If you buy Xtreme garage door, you will get the lifetime warranty for its motor, which is definitely a big advantage for you.

Safety and security

You never want the opener to fail and to cause the door panel to crush anyone or anything beneath it. Safety feature is thus important thing to mind. Although the law requires that every garage door opener have reversal mechanism, it would be better if you consult the vendor about it and confirm that this safety feature is present. You may also want to pick an opener that is equipped with lasers to make it even safer to use.

In terms of security, you want to choose an opener with enhanced locking mechanism. You may want to use a remote control, a keyless entry or a biometric lock to make sure that everything in the garage remains secure.

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